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Traditional or Digital...What Works Best In Today's World?

Digital media products are the most recent tool in the advertising toolbox. But bear in mind, some tools only work in some circumstances.

For instance, if you're selling swimming pools and use direct mail to entice a buyer, sending a direct mail piece to people living in apartment buildings is a complete waste. That doesn't make direct mail bad. Just the implementation. Many, if not all restaurants love reviews. Good ones of course. Digital products such as Yelp do make sense in this case. Few people look up information regarding "Restaurants" in a telephone book.
The "Yellow Pages" are no longer what they once were.

Remember, you do have to be careful with digital products. Google continues to modify and change their AdWords platform. An AdWords expert a year ago, can only be an expert today if they stay on top of, or have access to, the latest Google platform changes. And Google doesn't like to tip their hand.

Conversely, traditional advertising such as radio, television and print products including newspapers and weekly publications are still, for the most part, as they always have been. Electronic choices such as radio and television still need to be measured by audience, age plus viewer or listener preferences. Print media along with Billboards are measured by traffic counts and subscription totals. What works well in California may not work as well in the Midwest or East Coast.

Baby boomer business owners can tend to be heavily influenced by millennial sales people touting the latest and greatest digital ad solutions.
Ignorance can be expensive. Especially, when some of these products are of questionable value.

Getting back to Yelp for a moment. We recently spoke with a Yelp media representative. He was so excited to tell us about our client's 'five star' rating. Great! What he failed to mention is that five star rating was based on one customer review. From 3 years ago! Not exactly a tangible sample size.
But he would've been more than happy to sign up the client to generate some revenue for Yelp. Again, we're not 'knocking' Yelp. The application needs to make sense.

Having "real world" on the street advertising experience gives us a unique and strong position to determine what choices are best suited for your business. We deal with all types of media. That's the beauty of retaining an ad agency. Objectivity and experience can keep you from wasting money. And no one enjoys that.

Some Other Things To Consider...

Are today's digital products delivering less than you were told or even expected?

Before there was digital, there was traditional. And 'traditional media consumers' still possess a huge chunk of purchasing power.
If you grew up in the age of eight tracks, even reel to reel tapes, my guess is you have money. Money to buy cars. Money to buy furniture.
Money to buy your kids and your grandkids things. You are still are an economic force who watches local news, listens to local radio.
And yes, even reads a newspaper, if only on Sundays.

As an advertising veteran with over 35 years experience, We can help you sort through all the market fragmentation that exists today. Every business has a budget. Very few businesses can afford to do "everything." Through our guidance, together we can make decisions that will maximize your advertising and marketing efforts.

If you're tired of wasting money, and you're not getting the results you feel that you should be, we need get together and talk. Face to face. The traditional way! As many businesses have abandoned traditional advertising in favor of the latest and greatest digital "solution," this gives you an opportunity to reach your audience for even less money than 30 years ago.

Most businesses do not need 10,000 customers. And nobody goes looking for advertising until they are ready to buy. Even the millennials.
By keeping top of mind awareness in the market, you will position yourself in a much better place when that decision to buy comes.

The media rep's job is to sell you on their media and their station(s) or their special package. They love annual deals too. Sell it and forget it.
Our job is to sort through the options and use what makes sense when it makes sense. How efficient is an annual buy when some of the effort is wasted anyway? Buy for returns! Always.

Digital media can be much more passive and weak. What can you do with a small ad where Google limits the content? Then go ahead, try buying an AdWords campaign with all of their stipulations. Especially if you have an aggressive offer. Consider this. You spend thousands of dollars in media. Maybe even tens of thousands a month. If the words are weak, the effort is wasted. A weak offer is still weak, whether it's seen 10 times or 100 times.

If your company has a Facebook Page, and most businesses do, remember this. If you don't get many or even any shares from the messages you post, then no one cares.

Advertising without an offer for the customer is just one of those "warm fuzzies." And warm fuzzies don't do much to help the bottom line. 

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