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About Us...

Nitrous Ad Group's founder, Eric D. Bair, began his advertising career on August 1, 1983, under the direction of his father and learned the agency business from a man that only concerned himself with getting more business for his clients. He taught his son Eric to sort through things that could be called "advertising," and focus on the key areas that were most effective to drive customers to the client's place of business.

Eric remarks that he remembers his dad only winning 1 award from a group of his peers at a local Ad Club function. His father's real reward came from the success of his clients, many becoming #1 in their field of business under his direction. Eric's father David viewed advertising, not as an expense, but as an "investment in future sales." He was very opinionated, and usually right.

Getting More for You!

If you are overwhelmed with "ad people" or too many advertising related phone calls, then hire us and refer those calls to us. We'll listen to what they have to offer and recommend what may be a good fit. That's what we do. Our job is to get more for you.

Every Great Organization Starts with Its People...

Our passion in founding Nitrous Ad Group was to bring the right tools to each client's need. Some clients need TV. Others fit better with radio. In some cases, direct mail and keeping in touch with your customer base is the only cost-effective way to go. And the newest tools which have a huge group of options all falling under the "digital" umbrella.

Your business is your life, whether it's your passion or something you do that provides for you and your family. Many times, you get the "honor" of having to wear "the ad hat" too. There is another way. Contact us and let's see if we can help you get more from your advertising and your time!

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